My starting point with links

I figured why wait for your response here is what I sent one guy during the week.
profit.ly - join and follow some individuals that have 50%+ win trade percentage. free to join to brows around the forums.
http://forexwinners.ru/forex/category/tools/full-courses/ mostly forex stuff but you can find a lot of tim sykes dvds here. just download from the links provided.
finviz.com for scans if i didnt mention that.
dojispace.com i got a quick education on dojis from that place.
learn about bollinger bands they are helpful for intraday trading.
tradesystempro.com - tons of books. learn about doji's bollinger bands.
http://torrentz.eu/search?q=fous cameron fous very educational. not my style but i believe there is always something to learn from someone.
my style is more breakouts and then watch them thru the day (if my job wasnt 5 days a week i would) and then trade intraday for more profits like warrior trading. i would love to pay for his dvd package but youtube will have to do.
http://stockcharts.com/school/doku.php?id=chart_school this place is loads of info. it's like a college class online. everything you need is here or at least all the basics and you can later dive into things you want to know for your style.
one thing i learned from tim sykes and time grattani and nate machaud, is who cares what the company does. trade the ticker not the company. this holds 100% true if you are to be a day trader. you are chasing profits and not investing millions to make more millions long term. thats my opinion anyway.
zacks.com if you want to trade based on earnings but that doesn't always mean a good report will lead to an uptick in the chart.
this also has tims dvd's http://www.bengforum.com/Thread-GET-Timothy-Sykes-Trading-Strategy-Full-Course-8-DVDs havent tried to download from it so i don't know if it will get you all of them or how long it would take.
the thing about nates dvd is he has a lot of good info but some of it is silence and watching his trade from some day at 10x the speed. http://torrentz.eu/4f71b50dc827111e7d6338901279d1df9ce20670 this is the second dvd in nates series
interactivebrokers.com is 99 cents a trade.
http://www.elitetrader.com/et/index.php?threads/trading-tickers-dvd-by-tim-grittani-99-huge-discount.296300/ this is tim grittani's dvd someone is selling on profit.ly it is for the streaming version. if you get it let me know, i might want to get it too if it is worth it.
just stumbled on this. it may be helpful and money saving. http://www.tradingdvdshop.com/
i found a similar place that was selling dvd's cheap but it must be on the history on my desktop. if i get a chance i can get that to you. probably thursday or friday night. but this should be plenty. don't get overwhelmed. it should be like going to school. watch a dvd or so for an hour. take a break. take notes.and finish one before you start the next. i would suggest also learn more about each tool the dvd's tell you about like bollinger bands after you finish the dvd or what ever interests you.
i personally use bollinger bands. exponential moving average (ema) for 13 day period like cameron fous. and then i stumbled on a volume weighted MACD. anything helps but too much clutters your screen.
when you learn more then move to learning how to create custom scans to meet criteria you like. that stockcharts chart school is a lot of reading but it is organized.
those are basically the resources ive used so far. like i said im new too. but im determined to make this part of my income. especially living in cali and i can be up and trade before work when stocks move the most. it's a no brainer. if i wake up that is. that's been a struggle someday. keep in touch tell me how things are going. maybe you could teach me somethings too. post your daily watchlist in the pennystocks forum and learn from everyone else too. it's a good forum so far.
I also have a book from warrior trading as a pdf. I can email that to you if you like
This I basically copied and pasted what I have sent to a few newbies like myself. To me it is a good starting point for your own style.
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